Real Estate Agency | Choosing the Best Strategy & Time to Sell Your Timeshare

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Real Estate Agency | Choosing the Best Strategy & Time to Sell Your Timeshare

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BMRI Guide for Choosing the Best Time to Sell Your Timeshare – Real Estate Agency


Is it time to sell your timeshare? Deciding upon a sales strategy for your timeshare unit is perhaps the most important decision you will need to make. There are many options available to you regarding the actual sale of your timeshare, so do your homework and determine how much of your time and energy do you want to commit to this endeavor:


Real Estate Agency


Just like when selling a condo, home, townhouse, or any other piece of property, finding the right real estate agent makes all the difference. Look to real estate agencies that are active in the same community as your timeshare and who specialize in the buying and selling of timeshares. This is especially important, since real estate agents who focus on selling timeshares generally have significant expertise in this niche of the real estate world. They should know exactly how to market your timeshare and know the type of buyer who will be interested in purchasing a timeshare.


To find the best real estate agency for your needs, consider consulting the American Resort Development Association (ARDA) to find members in your area. This association is a trade organization that maintains strict guidelines for its members, most of whom are experienced with timeshare sales. Also, voice any questions or hesitations you may have about the agency or the listing agent before you sign any sales contracts. If the agency or agent is unable to provide you with satisfactory answers, then take your business elsewhere.


Online Auction


Today, more and more timeshare owners are choosing to directly auction off their timeshare unit. As you may expect, eBay is a leader in timeshare auctions. eBay’s listing and final value fees are generally much lower than those charged by real estate agents, though you’ll sacrifice the value than an agent’s expertise and legwork can provide. Be sure to take the time to thoroughly research the selling points of your timeshare, and carefully craft a superlative listing. “Red weeks” tend to perform very well on eBay, so don’t forget to highlight any prime weeks that you own.


Timeshare Developer Resales


Many timeshare resorts and chains allow owners to sell the investment through the developer. This is usually the case with investments in areas where the developer is looking to actively sell more units. By allowing the developer to sell your timeshare, you are using the contacts and marketing programs already in place that the developer probably used to sell you the timeshare in the first place.


Usually, developers have more success in selling timeshares than real estate agents, but that convenience often comes at a high price. Before signing your timeshare resale rights over to the developer, do your homework and compare all the fees associated with listing and selling your timeshare. Do not be afraid to contact other agencies that sell timeshares to determine if allowing the developer to resell your timeshare will benefit you in the end.


Classified Advertisements


Much like eBay, opting to sell your timeshare through a classified advertisement will involve more work and market research than listing the unit through a real estate agent, but you will save a great deal of money that would otherwise be spent for agency fees. Keep in mind that real estate agencies may garner you a higher sales price in the end than do-it-yourself options like classified ads.


Many timeshare owners choose to advertise their units to judge the activity of the market and see if they can quickly generate any interest in their unit. Also, if you are looking to trade your timeshare instead of sell your timeshare, classified advertisements are an excellent place to meet others for a trade.


Ask Around


Do you have a friend, neighbor, co-worker, or family member that has an eye on your timeshare? Many timeshare owners find the best way to sell their unit is to make the deal with someone they know is in the market. This is a great way to please both parties without ever having to involve a real estate agent. Remember that other owners or renters at your timeshare developer may be eager to purchase your unit, so don’t forget to take advantage of bulletin boards, newsletters and word-of-mouth.


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